Celebrating Our Students!

Celebrating our students!

The Cliff Jordan Continuing Education Center has been blessed with incredible growth this year! We’ve had almost 150 students in the first half of the 2023 year. Our English as a Second Language classes have the largest number of students. We offer multiple class choices (week day and time) and different levels. Our curriculum is from Cambridge University. 

We offer gardening classes on Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. and invite you to join us. We grow flowers and vegetables in raised garden beds each with their own irrigation system. Please check our website for the schedule as this class meets every other Saturday. If you want to learn to grow flowers and vegetables in a small space, join us. Last year we raised nearly 200 pounds of vegetables.

Our students represent countries from all over the world, China,Thailand, Haiti, Guatemala, Egypt, Afghanistan, Mexico, Venezuela, and Columbia. At our student celebration in April (see attached photo) our students earned their certificate of completion and we shared food and refreshments from all over the world. Our newest student, 6 month old Sephora was introduced to and made many international friends during our celebration.

This year we also partnered with the Atlanta Braves Foundation to offer classes to the parents of Green Acres Elementary students. We offered classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 5pm (see photo in highlights).

God has blessed us with many new teachers and we are planning to offer at least 10 English as a Second Language classes beginning August 7. Classes will be offered during the day and evening. Stay tuned for more information. We will also offer a class in conversational Spanish, Spanish cooking demonstrations, English tutoring, Bible study and our interactive community garden will continue through the year.

Stay tuned to meet our instructors and learn about the English classes they will be offering.

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