Tillman House

On April 27, 2018, Tillman Memorial United Methodist Church and Smyrna United Methodist Church entered into a Missional Merger to combine our churches. Smyrna First United Methodist Church will operate the Tillman campus as “Tillman House,” and in the coming months will become the Mission and Outreach campus for Smyrna First United Methodist, which will not only allow us to continue our current activities but also expand programs to help meet the needs of those in the Smyrna community and surrounding areas.

At the present time there are up to 200 people who meet at Tillman weekly in various Recovery Groups (AA, NA, Al-Anon etc.). Those meetings will continue. A Hispanic Assembly of God congregation worships at Tillman every Sunday afternoon and on Tuesday evenings for prayer. Those services will continue for the near future. Ministry already taking place at Tillman! We are hopeful that by early August we will be ready to begin the move of our mission and outreach programs to Tillman as well. That includes our housing and food assistance programs, our numerous collections for MUST Ministries, Action Ministries, UMCOR and our Partners in Education. There are possibilities that we could become a community and regional collection center for other ministries as well.

What we see in the future are programs that help address the needs of those living in poverty in our community and surrounding areas.

These programs would focus on hunger insecurity/relief; housing insecurity and educational programming intended to help break the cycle of poverty by providing the skills needed to find full time jobs that provide a living wage.

Our programs are not possible without your participation. We need you to give generously of your time, to support our Faith Promise Giving for Missions/Outreach and to faithfully pray for Smyrna First and our community. When we work together, when we love the person in front of us, God does amazing things!

Tillman House is located at 940 Concord Road, 1 mile from Smyrna First.

For additional questions, please contact Alan Nicely, Director of Missions and Evangelism.

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