FREE Classes for Adults

English As A Second Language

Want to improve your English skills? This is great for community members who wish to work on their skills with conversational and low or intermediate level English. We have both basic and Level 1 classes available, and a book will be provided. Course runs 12 weeks.
*Students, register here for our BASIC class.

*Students, register here for our Level 1 class.

Exploring the Christian Faith

Are you interested in learning more about God’s word. Not sure where to start? We are offering an introductory Bible study, Exploring The Christian Faith, where students will learn to use a circle process that honors the value of everyone’s voice and participation. Course is 6 weeks.

*Students, register here for this FREE class.

Study The Gospel of John

Are you interested in learning more about The Gospel of John. Join instructor Kelly Vining on a fascinating journey through The Gospel of John. Learn of his eyewitness accounts to Jesus’s miracles, teachings, ministry, sufferings, death and resurrection. Course is 6 weeks. NOTE: This course is also available via Zoom (link provided at registration; click below).

*Students, register here for this FREE class.

Improve Your Reading Skills

Reading is Fundamental. Reading, understanding and interpreting the English language is critical to being able to function successfully at work, in the community, at the dentist, doctor, or at your children’s school. If you are looking to improve your English skills this class can help! Course is 6 weeks.

*Students, register here for this FREE class.

More Classes To Come… Stay Tuned!

Classes on Parenting Skills, Healthy Cooking on a Budget and much more will be coming. Please check back frequently for new FREE classes.

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