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English As A Second Language (Basic Level)

**UPDATE** Both Basic Level classes are now FULL. Stay tuned for details about our next session in April.

Students receive a free class workbook and homework book. Materials include QR codes for at-home reinforcement. 1.5 hour class covers a different topic-focused unit. Designed for adult students with very little previous English training and a very limited vocabulary. Student has no knowledge of English beyond answers to simple questions like “What’s your name?” He/she may respond with “yes” or “no,” but not always consistently or correctly. He/she lacks sufficient vocabulary and oral comprehension to be able to follow directions or do simple classroom assignments. Class taught in English on Tuesdays OR Thursdays at 7PM (12 weeks), starts the week of January 9th.

*Tuesday’s BASIC class is FULL.

*Thursday’s BASIC class is FULL.

English As A Second Language (Level 1)

This course develops reading and writing readiness skills. Students understand more complex speech but still require repetition. During the level language skills are adequate for most day-to-day communication needs. Students may understand words with multiple meanings, and they communicate in English very well. Course is available on Wednesdays at 7PM (12 weeks); starts January 10th. Class is taught in English.

*Students, register here for our Level 1 class.

Family Gardening

Hands on learning. Learn the basics of cultivating and sustaining a vegetable garden, composting, recycling, seed preservation, and much more. Class is interactive and meets Saturdays at 9:00am, every other week. First class meets January 21st. At least one adult participant required per family. Class is taught in English.

*Students, register here for this FREE class.

More Classes To Come… Stay Tuned!

Please check back frequently for new FREE classes for adults.

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